When you pay for a concealed carry class, what are you paying for?

Are you getting a plastic card you can carry in your wallet?  Yes of course, and if you attend a poor quality class you will need about 14” of those cards stacked on top of each other to stop the bullet that will surely injure or kill you.  The card in your wallet does nothing for you.  It’s the training that matters.

Are you getting peace of mind?  If you watch a lot of gun movies… maybe.  For most it should not give you any peace of mind.  I have been a permit holder since 1991 and I have NEVER been asked by Law Enforcement to ever see my card.  When I was getting a traffic ticket in college or after giving a statement to police when someone kicked my door in… Never.

Are you developing a skill and a mindset to win a violent altercation?  Sure, if you take a class who’s focus is on training and not just mass producing concealed carry permits.  Most classes in Colorado (90% don’t even shoot a gun at all).  The other 8% show you how to shoot, but they don’t show you how to fight!

For the safety of everyone including yourself.  Take our Tactical Pistol class.  Money Back Guarantee.



If you’re carrying a gun on a daily basis to be a hero, you shouldn’t be carrying. If you are doing it so you can show off to your friends or feel tough, you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be carrying. The reason to concealed carry may differ slightly from person to person, but in the long run you carry to give yourself the option not to be a victim. And if you do it responsibly, you put yourself in the right mindset when you clip on your holster in the morning. You have the power in your hands to end someones life, and need to be humble about it. If you haven’t gotten your concealed carry yet, it is never too late!



In a perfectly politically correct world where everybody is raised right and has been taught to not be violent etc, (in a nurture scenario vs a nature scenario), there wont be a need for self defense. Until then, however, there will be violent people that attack others at no fault of the victim. It doesn’t matter how many people you inform that violence is wrong, there will always be violent people in the world we live in. Teaching self defense isn’t victim blaming, it is about empowering people by giving them the option NOT to become a victim in the event of a random act of violence. Being attacked is not the victim’s fault, but in the event of an attack, it is up to the victim whether or not they will be able to fight for themselves.



It has been said that you can gauge your success by the number of haters you have.  Well…. Every time I reach a new milestone I can tell you there are no shortage of haters and doubters.  Nothing I have ever been incredibly successful at ever came without a fair share of haters.  Embrace them.  They promote you.  They push you.  They make you raise your game.  They are also an opportunity to show compassion and learn patience.  We cannot raise the bar without an internal gauge.  The hater and the doubter can be that gauge. When they spew fire, you need to be ready to extend a smile and be ready to offer your unique services for a fee.  


Buying Cheap

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Why would I get that, when this other one is several hundred dollars less? I hear this
often. A lot of people these days are looking at price over value, but, you do get what you pay for. Most of the time, the reason why something is more expensive than another option is because the quality is much higher. When someone is asking that question, they are only looking at price. Yes, $300 sounds a lot better than $600, but looking at the quality of the product, the $600 is going to be less expensive in the long run. There have been numerous times that I’ve repaired or tuned a brand new gun and the labor alone is half, if not more, the cost of the gun. Why not pay more initially for something that works out of the box and for a long time?
I see this a lot with the AR world. Yes, you can get a cheap rifle. Adding new accessories
may add value to the gun, but not necessarily quality. Unless you change out key components, it will be like putting 20” rims on a rusted out 86’ Toyota Corolla. Cheap AR’s are that way because the manufacturer is cutting corners to cut down cost. A lot of the internal parts are MIM, metal injected molded. These parts are quick and cheap to make, but leave air pockets inside the metal leaving the structural integrity to question. The molds are used over and over again and the dimensions of the part may change over time. Even the quality control of these cheap companies is spotty. I’ve seen AR’s from two different companies who failed to secure the gas block. Pins were missing completely, and in one case, the block wasn’t even drilled out for the pins and the gas port in the barrel had not been drilled out. These are HUGE things to miss. If they’re missing something like that, what else did they overlook? This also tells me that they do not test fire anything before being sent out. It’s slapped together on a line and tossed in a box to sell to you.
Check out the shop for a quality AR that will come with our lifetime garauntee! We’ve got
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Firearm Safety

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Basic rules of firearms safety: Treat every firearm as if it is loaded. Never point the gun
at anything you’re not willing to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Be certain of your target and what’s beyond it. These four rules keep us safe. Nothing bad can happen as long as all of these are being followed. It seems that these rules get tossed out the window while at the gun store. I am more than happy to show you guns behind the counter and help you find the right firearm for you, but I get muzzle swept constantly. NEVER point it at anything you’re not willing to destroy. “I saw him check it before he handed it to me, I know it’s not loaded” Treat EVERY firearm as if it’s loaded. I see fingers on the trigger constantly as well. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I really don’t like having guns pointed at me. I’m sure that you all feel the same way. Just with shooting, consistency is key. It doesn’t matter where you are or what the situation is, ALWAYS follow the rules. If you’re consistent, accidents won’t happen. If you’re a new shooter and are still learning we will be understanding and help you learn proper
safety to insure you always have a good time out at the range, at home, or wherever you maybe with a firearm.
Unfortunately, we see people break these rules with their own firearms and not just the
ones in the cabinet for sale. We highly encourage people to carry. That’s one of the many
reasons we teach Tactical Pistol for conceal carry. If there isn’t a reason to pull out your firearm, don’t. Especially, unannounced. It may surprise you, I know it surprised me, but it happens often enough. Your carry gun should not be something to show off. I’ll take a look at it if it’s having issues and needs repair, fitting into a holster, or making sure sights and magazines have a proper fit. If that’s the case, let me know before you draw from your holster and I will gladly help with whatever is needed. Please don’t make us stare down the barrel of a gun. It’s no fun. Practice gun safety at all times and nothing bad will happen. If you are inconsistent, you open up the potential of putting holes in things that don’t need them. It’s only four rules to remember. Stay vigilant, stay safe. Thank you.



This class, Tactical Pistol and our Trauma Medical Class are the three classes of the 14 we offer that I can say are a must have.  Sometime in your life you are probably going to have to know the skills taught in these three classes.  No pre-req. is required for this class.  We cover how to disarm knives and guns,  how to choke our a much bigger adversary and how to get the fight over with fast.  This is one of the most popular courses for High School and College age girls and for those that work in areas where guns are not allowed.  Get trained!


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Do not confuse earned confidence with being cocky.  Do not kid yourself, confidence is different from macho ego fantasy. A cocky attitude can get you killed or hurt.  It can cost you a job or a career.  An attitude of EARNED confidence means you have put in the work.  You know what is at risk.  You know what reward awaits your hard work and decisive action.  When you know you can hurt or kill someone, a reasonable person will avoid the fight till he can avoid it no longer.  He is a humble warrior.  Earn your confidence with us.  Put in the effort.  Put in the time. Visit Coloradoshootingsports.com to sign up for a class where you will learn it right the first time.


Fight or Flight

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You have all heard about fight or flight.  But did you know that is only a small portion of the body’s defensive protocol?  There is so much information on how the body reacts not only in preparation for the fight, but also to deal with the reality that the body will most likely be damaged in some way after the violent attack.  The mind is also primed for battle but if not addressed can set up the combatant for a lifetime of mental anguish.  Learn how to mitigate these issues in our Tactical Pistol class.  You owe it to yourself and the ones you love.  We have 60 year old Vietnam Vets, Gulf War vets that tell us they wish they took this class before or after they were in combat to help them deal with PTSD.  Listen to them and sign up now!