FREE Class at Colorado Shooting Sports!!!!

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

How can you get a FREE class at Colorado Shooting Sports?
We are having a contest that will get the winner a FREE class of their choice.
Here are the rules: 

1. We are asking all of our students and firearms customers from the last 7 years to write an AAR (After Action Report) on their experience. It doesn’t matter if you took the class or bought the firearm 6 years ago or 6 days ago. All the AAR’s matter to us.

2. Points are given for detail, creativity, honesty, and most of all helpfulness to future clients that are looking at buying firearms or taking classes.

3. Post the AAR on YOUR Facebook page, pages you manage, Pintrest, Google +, etc. (the more places the better). ANY SOCIAL MEDIA

*** Here is how EVERYBODY WINS. Even if your awesome review doesn’t win the FREE class, YOU still win. Simply come in the shop ANYTIME after you place your AAR on YOUR Facebook pages and you will instantly receive a $25.00 OFF coupon to use on any firearm or class!!! How awesome is that?

This is a great way to get ready for holiday purchases, or to take the class or buy the gun you have been wanting.
Limit 1 coupon per person.

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