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Do you need a reason to take our class, Do you have friends that you want to take our classes because you already have but your friends need a good reason to come to us. Here are some good solid facts that you can use to convince yourself or your friends to our Tactical Pistol Concealed Carry Course.

In today’s video we discuss the all important light source, the Flashlight, what kinds you can carry, where you can put them and how to use them properly.

Know Your Gun

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Know your gun, Know how to take care of it, Know what type of ammo it uses, Know the make and model, in this video Anthony discusses what everyone should know about the gun that may save your life.

“What are Night Sights?”, “Why should I have Night Sights?”, “What kind of Night Sights should I have?” and “How do I use Night Sights?” are all questions we get on a regular basis in our shop and are questions we answer in our Basic and Tactical Concealed Carry courses but in this short video Anthony goes over some of these basic questions and others.

Anthony discusses the current state of here in Colorado and some things everybody should do but most people don’t

In this first Anthony Rant video we discuss those conspiracy minded individuals that will hang out in gun stores and at gun shows but never buy anything from a legitimate reputable dealer because they don’t want to be put on that secret government list that we all seem to know about. Video responses are open and encouraged so let us know what you think.

Today we discuss some basic safety equipment that is often overlooked, hearing protection, different types and some emergency preparedness tips.