October Newsletter

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October Newsletter


Close shave but we narrowly missed losing our 55,000 square foot building during the recent flooding so we have a bit of understanding with those who have had some hardship.  With that in mind we are about to start a new section of the shop that will focus on disaster preparedness (water filtration, food storage, etc) so keep an eye out for awesome new things at the shop.

2014 Training Schedule should be up before the end of the month.  Some changes to expect:

No Sunday courses unless they are by request and scheduled in advance. 

Only One Tactical Rifle and Tactical Shotgun class for the entire year.  We can always add one but any additions will be by request and must be scheduled in advance.

Only 1 Trauma Medical class will be available for the entire year.  Again, we have HUGE Trauma med classes already scheduled for next year but they are closed private classes so if you want to host us in state OR out of state for Trauma Medical classes… give us a call and we will be happy to put one on for you. 

Only two Advanced Tactical Pistol courses in 2014

Our new Performance Pistol Course is coming on line and it will blow your socks off!  Video and details on the course coming soon!!!

Low Light Night Fighting, Close Range Combat, and Vehicle Gun-fighting Courses have been removed from the schedule and will ONLY be available by request, must have minimum numbers, and be scheduled in advance on a day of your choosing.  We are filling all of our Tactical Pistol and Basic Pistol Courses but cannot seem to get people to these very inexpensive and vitally important classes so we have to put our efforts in to what is going to draw people.

Basic Pistol Course will be offered on the same day as every Tactical Pistol Course and they will also have their own dedicated days as well.  Basic Pistol is already becoming one of our most popular classes…. But we have also seen 70% of Basic Pistol students upgrade to our Tactical Pistol class within one hour of being in classJ.

Classes coming up in October:

Basic Pistol 5th and 19th

Tactical Pistol 5th

Tactical Shotgun 12th


Classes in November:

Basic Pistol 2nd, 16th, 23rd

Tactical Pistol 2nd, 23rd

Advanced Tactical Pistol 9th



Several 5 week private pistol and rifle training slots have opened up.  Check it out on the website and let us know if we can help you achieve your shooting and competition goals.

We have had several inquiries into our Trauma Medical Class and other classes being available out of state and the answer is YES we can offer our classes remotely to your location.  Give us a call and let us see how we can help your family, church or company with your training and emergency preparedness goals. 

New in the shop:

Emergency extraction tools, new knives, 556, 40cal. 45 ACP, and 9mm in bulk.

New slim kydex custom holsters, USMC back packs and equipment, electronic hearing protection.

Lots of AK, AR, and M1A high capacity magazine kits.

HUGE amount of defensive 9mm, 40 cal, and 45 hollow point ammunition has arrived.  Get it while we got it.  Alumni discounts available. 



AR-15’s and ammo packages are available in 300, 600, and 900 round packages with magazines, etc.

AK Lightning Bolts for AK-47 (Gen 1 or Gen 2) are $25.00 off!!

AR-15 Upper receiver is $450.00.  $50.00 off!!

Blue training guns are back in stock!

Empty ammo crates are only $10.00

Chest rigs are $20.00 off!!

While supplies last!!!  We were able to score a HUGE deal on some of the best hollow point ammo on the market AND get it to you for ½ the price it was going for!… 9mm, 40 caliber, and 45ACP.  This special is in effect for 1 week or until it is ALL GONE!


We are offering an AWESOME Glock trigger service that will greatly improve your ability to operate your pistol smoothly and accurately.  Includes parts and labor.  Come in and take a feel of some of the Glocks that we have upgraded.  These are conceal carry approved and are the same trigger modifications I run in my guns.   Tactical Pistol alumni get a great discount on this custom work!


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