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This class, Tactical Pistol and our Trauma Medical Class are the three classes of the 14 we offer that I can say are a must have.  Sometime in your life you are probably going to have to know the skills taught in these three classes.  No pre-req. is required for this class.  We cover how to disarm knives and guns,  how to choke our a much bigger adversary and how to get the fight over with fast.  This is one of the most popular courses for High School and College age girls and for those that work in areas where guns are not allowed.  Get trained!


In case you missed them, here’s the videos that Anthony put out last week!

AK Lighting Bolt

Franchising. What is it?

CCW in the Workplace

Surviving High School

Be sure to check them out to see some great content!


Do not confuse earned confidence with being cocky.  Do not kid yourself, confidence is different from macho ego fantasy. A cocky attitude can get you killed or hurt.  It can cost you a job or a career.  An attitude of EARNED confidence means you have put in the work.  You know what is at risk.  You know what reward awaits your hard work and decisive action.  When you know you can hurt or kill someone, a reasonable person will avoid the fight till he can avoid it no longer.  He is a humble warrior.  Earn your confidence with us.  Put in the effort.  Put in the time. Visit to sign up for a class where you will learn it right the first time.


Fight or Flight

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You have all heard about fight or flight.  But did you know that is only a small portion of the body’s defensive protocol?  There is so much information on how the body reacts not only in preparation for the fight, but also to deal with the reality that the body will most likely be damaged in some way after the violent attack.  The mind is also primed for battle but if not addressed can set up the combatant for a lifetime of mental anguish.  Learn how to mitigate these issues in our Tactical Pistol class.  You owe it to yourself and the ones you love.  We have 60 year old Vietnam Vets, Gulf War vets that tell us they wish they took this class before or after they were in combat to help them deal with PTSD.  Listen to them and sign up now!



Backpacking, hiking, biking, fishing- Sometimes in the outdoors you may come across large animals that could take your life just as easily as you could take theirs. When traveling in the backcountry, humans are not at the top of the food chain. 99% of the time, you will never have a life-threatening problem with an animal, but that one percent of the time, are you prepared to protect yourself? This is a very real type of situation that I have heard first-hand about; my cousin was dragged by a mountain lion when he was younger. Obviously in a situation like this you should first use every single precaution you can to avoid conflict with the animal, but sometimes they simply can’t be avoided. If bear spray isn’t going to do the trick, your 9mm/.45 caliber carry gun just isn’t going to cut it either. In fact, it is not recommended to shoot any sort of large animal with those calibers because you are more likely to just piss it off. Make sure to bring along a MINIMUM of .357 magnum to do the job should the need arise.


What gun should I choose?

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I get asked a lot of the same questions working as a gunsmith and working behind the retail counter. Which is better, the AK-47 or the AR-15? 1911 or Glock? What’s the best gun? All of these questions come down to the same answer. What’s your purpose for the firearm? Shotgun would be the best option for home defense, but not the best conceal carry option. Even with handguns, 1911’s are great, accurate pistols, also my favorite gun, but I do not carry one. We’ll get into that in a later blog. AR’s and AK’s both have pros and cons and one might work out better for what you plan on doing with it. Next time you’re in the market for a new firearm, keep in mind what you are buying for. Is it a defensive gun, carry gun, competition, long range, or just something fun to fling some lead at the range. Let us know, and we’ll get you set up with the perfect firearm for you and your needs. Make sure to check out our Facebook page, or stop by the shop seven days a week.



All too often CCW carriers have the unrealistic fantasy that you will get the drop on the bad guy and not get injured.  Well if you’re in a fist fight… you’re going to get punched. As an RN that worked the ER in Boulder, almost every gunfight I assisted in saw both parties injured.  After you stop the threat you are going to have to stop the bleeding if you catch my meaning.  Get signed up for our Trauma Medical Class.  It includes a Trauma Medical Kit as part of the cost of tuition.