Low Quality Classes

Posted: July 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Here in Colorado there is no base line for what constitutes a quality class.  You can take a 15 minute class from a former “Cop buddy” and it will get you a permit.  You can take a high quality 8 hour class from us and guess what?  In the eyes of the State of Colorado, they are considered the same.  However, that is where all the similarities end.  If you want to have less liability and less chance of getting sued, take our class.  If you want to learn to run your pistol with skills needed to win a gun fight, take our class.  If you want to reduce the chances of hurting innocent people, take our class.   There will always be people who take short cuts and put cost over value; but for good people- we never drop our standards and we never cut corners.  Come see why our classes are the very best to prepare you for winning the fight of your life.



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