Buying Cheap

Posted: August 4, 2017 in Uncategorized


Why would I get that, when this other one is several hundred dollars less? I hear this
often. A lot of people these days are looking at price over value, but, you do get what you pay for. Most of the time, the reason why something is more expensive than another option is because the quality is much higher. When someone is asking that question, they are only looking at price. Yes, $300 sounds a lot better than $600, but looking at the quality of the product, the $600 is going to be less expensive in the long run. There have been numerous times that I’ve repaired or tuned a brand new gun and the labor alone is half, if not more, the cost of the gun. Why not pay more initially for something that works out of the box and for a long time?
I see this a lot with the AR world. Yes, you can get a cheap rifle. Adding new accessories
may add value to the gun, but not necessarily quality. Unless you change out key components, it will be like putting 20” rims on a rusted out 86’ Toyota Corolla. Cheap AR’s are that way because the manufacturer is cutting corners to cut down cost. A lot of the internal parts are MIM, metal injected molded. These parts are quick and cheap to make, but leave air pockets inside the metal leaving the structural integrity to question. The molds are used over and over again and the dimensions of the part may change over time. Even the quality control of these cheap companies is spotty. I’ve seen AR’s from two different companies who failed to secure the gas block. Pins were missing completely, and in one case, the block wasn’t even drilled out for the pins and the gas port in the barrel had not been drilled out. These are HUGE things to miss. If they’re missing something like that, what else did they overlook? This also tells me that they do not test fire anything before being sent out. It’s slapped together on a line and tossed in a box to sell to you.
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