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When you pay for a concealed carry class, what are you paying for?

Are you getting a plastic card you can carry in your wallet?  Yes of course, and if you attend a poor quality class you will need about 14” of those cards stacked on top of each other to stop the bullet that will surely injure or kill you.  The card in your wallet does nothing for you.  It’s the training that matters.

Are you getting peace of mind?  If you watch a lot of gun movies… maybe.  For most it should not give you any peace of mind.  I have been a permit holder since 1991 and I have NEVER been asked by Law Enforcement to ever see my card.  When I was getting a traffic ticket in college or after giving a statement to police when someone kicked my door in… Never.

Are you developing a skill and a mindset to win a violent altercation?  Sure, if you take a class who’s focus is on training and not just mass producing concealed carry permits.  Most classes in Colorado (90% don’t even shoot a gun at all).  The other 8% show you how to shoot, but they don’t show you how to fight!

For the safety of everyone including yourself.  Take our Tactical Pistol class.  Money Back Guarantee.



If you’re carrying a gun on a daily basis to be a hero, you shouldn’t be carrying. If you are doing it so you can show off to your friends or feel tough, you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be carrying. The reason to concealed carry may differ slightly from person to person, but in the long run you carry to give yourself the option not to be a victim. And if you do it responsibly, you put yourself in the right mindset when you clip on your holster in the morning. You have the power in your hands to end someones life, and need to be humble about it. If you haven’t gotten your concealed carry yet, it is never too late!


Basic Pistol Class

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Classes & Events

This is a course tailor made for those with tight schedules, limited budget, and a need to get a CCW permit but want a quality class that covers firearms safety, legal aspects of self-defense, Anatomy and Physiology, Parts of the gun, and Holster and sights selection and winning mindset.

This course is 4hrs and only $100.00.
This course begins at 7:30 am and typically runs about 4hrs….
This course is also available on demand during weekdays for groups of 8 or more, and also on Sundays for groups of 8 or more.
There is no shooting in this course.  If you are looking at getting a quality holster, sights or other accessories for your gun then please bring your UNLOADED gun to the class.
This course will get you the certificate you need to get your CCW permit but will not grant you Alumni status at the shop for gun discounts, free classes, etc.  You can elect to take our Tactical Pistol course after you take this class at a discount or you can skip this class and take our Tactical Pistol Class to take advantage of all that alumni status grants you.

Course dates through 2013 are available online at

Equipment list:
Open Mind
Note Pad