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This just in…..

Posted: August 9, 2013 in News, Updates, & Trivia

We just put some .45 Colt (a.k.a. Long Colt) ammunition out on the shelf. Brass case with 250 grain flat-nose lead bullets- perfect for cowboy action shoots or just plinking (although “plink” doesn’t quite describe the sound these monsters make when they hit stuff). 500 rounds came in, and as hard to find as this stuff is, I’d expect it to be gone quickly.

Call or come by the store to grab some, Tex.

MAJOR price reduction on 5.45x39mm ammo: all you AK-74 owners come in and get set up.

Price reductions on pistol ammo and we also got in even more .22 Long Rifle, both 500 round bricks and in 50 round boxes.

As always- no quantity limits and a price break for buying in quantity.

Call or come in for pricing or more information.

Having trouble finding ammo?

Some folks are having trouble coming up with ammunition. We aren’t. And this is just the pistol ammo shelf. As always, no quantity restrictions— in fact, 5 boxes or more of the same ammo qualifies for a per-box discount.

Right now, this minute, we have the following cartridges in stock and ready to go:

.22 LR
5.7x28mm FN (FiveSeven ammo)
.32 Auto
.380 Auto
9mm Makarov (9x18mm)
9mm Parabellum/Luger (9x19mm) (FMJ & hollowpoint)
.38 Super Automatic +P
.40 S&W (FMJ and hollowpoint)
10mm Automatic
.45 ACP (FMJ and hollowpoint)
.38 Special +P
.357 Magnum
.44 Magnum
.223 Remington
5.56mm NATO
.308 Winchester
12 gauge 00 buckshot
12 gauge rifled slugs

Just arrived: high-quality Hornady defensive hollowpoints in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. Limited supply- come in and load up.

Also, a few GLOCK 19s are still available and we just got a GLOCK 20SF 10mm monster. Somebody come buy this thing before I end up taking it home.

Makarov ammunition

Posted: July 17, 2013 in News, Updates, & Trivia

Just got in a case of brass-cased 9mm Makarov (9x18mm). Some of you have been asking about it, so we tracked some down. It also will go nicely with the Polish P-64 pistol that we have in stock. Call or come in to the store and check it out!

We have just gotten in a large amount of .40 S&W and 7.62x39mm. 10mm Auto, .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, and .32 Auto are still available along with quite a bit of .223 Remington and quality brass-case 5.56mm NATO. We have a small amount of .45 ACP practice ammunition as of this morning as well- call or come in to get what you need.