Backpacking, hiking, biking, fishing- Sometimes in the outdoors you may come across large animals that could take your life just as easily as you could take theirs. When traveling in the backcountry, humans are not at the top of the food chain. 99% of the time, you will never have a life-threatening problem with an animal, but that one percent of the time, are you prepared to protect yourself? This is a very real type of situation that I have heard first-hand about; my cousin was dragged by a mountain lion when he was younger. Obviously in a situation like this you should first use every single precaution you can to avoid conflict with the animal, but sometimes they simply can’t be avoided. If bear spray isn’t going to do the trick, your 9mm/.45 caliber carry gun just isn’t going to cut it either. In fact, it is not recommended to shoot any sort of large animal with those calibers because you are more likely to just piss it off. Make sure to bring along a MINIMUM of .357 magnum to do the job should the need arise.


What gun should I choose?

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I get asked a lot of the same questions working as a gunsmith and working behind the retail counter. Which is better, the AK-47 or the AR-15? 1911 or Glock? What’s the best gun? All of these questions come down to the same answer. What’s your purpose for the firearm? Shotgun would be the best option for home defense, but not the best conceal carry option. Even with handguns, 1911’s are great, accurate pistols, also my favorite gun, but I do not carry one. We’ll get into that in a later blog. AR’s and AK’s both have pros and cons and one might work out better for what you plan on doing with it. Next time you’re in the market for a new firearm, keep in mind what you are buying for. Is it a defensive gun, carry gun, competition, long range, or just something fun to fling some lead at the range. Let us know, and we’ll get you set up with the perfect firearm for you and your needs. Make sure to check out our Facebook page, or stop by the shop seven days a week.



All too often CCW carriers have the unrealistic fantasy that you will get the drop on the bad guy and not get injured.  Well if you’re in a fist fight… you’re going to get punched. As an RN that worked the ER in Boulder, almost every gunfight I assisted in saw both parties injured.  After you stop the threat you are going to have to stop the bleeding if you catch my meaning.  Get signed up for our Trauma Medical Class.  It includes a Trauma Medical Kit as part of the cost of tuition.



As mentioned in our Facebook live video here is a list of campuses that you are allowed to concealed carry on in Colorado- keep in mind exceptions may apply for certain dorms and other leased buildings on campus.


College Town Type
Adams State University (p.8) Alamosa 4-year
Arapahoe Community College Littleton, Parker, Castle Rock 2-year
Colorado Mesa University Grand Junction 4-year
Colorado Mountain College – Alpine  Steamboat Springs 2-year
Colorado Mountain College – Aspen Aspen 2-year
Colorado Mountain College – Rifle Rifle 2-year
Colorado Mountain College – Roaring Fork Carbondale & Glenwood Springs 2-year
Colorado Mountain College – Summit Breckenridge & Dillon 2-year
Colorado Mountain College – Timberline Buena Vista & Leadville 2-year
Colorado Mountain College – Vail – Eagle Valley Eagle & Edwards 2-year
Colorado Northwestern Community College Meeker, Hayden & Oak Creek 2-year
Colorado Northwestern Community College – Craig Craig 2-year
Colorado Northwestern Community College – Rangely Rangely 2-year
Colorado School of the Mines Golden 4-year
Colorado State University Fort Collins 4-year
Colorado State University – Pueblo Pueblo 4-year
Community College of Aurora Aurora 2-year
Community College of Denver  Denver 2-year
Fort Lewis College Durango 4-year
Front Range Community College Westminster, Fort Collins & Longmont 2-year
Lamar Community College  Lamar 2-year
Metropolitan State University of Denver  Denver 4-year
Morgan Community College  Fort Morgan, Bennett, Burlington, Limon & Wray 2-year
Northeastern Junior College Sterling 2-year
Otero Community College La Junta 2-year
Pikes Peak Community College Colorado Springs & Falcon 2-year
Pueblo Community College Pueblo 2-year
Red Rocks Community College Lakewood & Arvada 2-year
Trinidad State Junior College – Alamosa Alamosa 2-year
Trinidad State Junior College – Trinidad Trinidad 2-year
University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder 4-year
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Colorado Springs 4-year
University of Colorado at Denver Denver & Aurora 4-year
University of Northern Colorado Greeley 4-year
Western Colorado Community College Grand Junction 2-year
Western Colorado Community College – Bishop Grand Junction 2-year
Western State Colorado University Gunnison 4-year


Intro- Mark Wallace

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My name is Mark Wallace, and I am the gunsmith at Colorado Shooting Sports. I will be starting this blog series to educate, update, and maybe give a few tips and tricks. I graduated from the Colorado School of Trades where I earned an Associate’s Degree of Occupational Studies in Gunsmithing. I have additional training in 1911’s and AK platforms, as well as various armorer certifications. I enjoy many aspects of firearms including: shooting, refinishing, history, and just admiring collector pieces. I hope you enjoy and take something away from this blog series. Topic suggestions will always be welcomed and I look forward to contributing every week. Please follow us on Facebook and check us out online at ​​. IMG_5325.JPG

“You don’t use your weapon safety? Are you trying to shoot yourself?” many people don’t see the benefit of carrying with your safety OFF or having no weapon safety altogether. Some people even consider carrying with no round in the chamber. I’ll let you look that one up on YouTube to see how well that works out for them. The fact of the matter is, if you are carrying a firearm for personal protection, you need to be prepared for anything to happen around you at any minute. That means when something does happen, you won’t have time to draw your pistol and think about taking the safety lever off and God forbid rack the slide. In a fight or flight scenario your firearm needs to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. It is, however, extremely important to make sure your holster covers the trigger guard completely so that you don’t have any sort of negligent discharge! Come talk to our knowledgeable staff if you have any questions about carrying style or holsters.



Low Quality Classes

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Here in Colorado there is no base line for what constitutes a quality class.  You can take a 15 minute class from a former “Cop buddy” and it will get you a permit.  You can take a high quality 8 hour class from us and guess what?  In the eyes of the State of Colorado, they are considered the same.  However, that is where all the similarities end.  If you want to have less liability and less chance of getting sued, take our class.  If you want to learn to run your pistol with skills needed to win a gun fight, take our class.  If you want to reduce the chances of hurting innocent people, take our class.   There will always be people who take short cuts and put cost over value; but for good people- we never drop our standards and we never cut corners.  Come see why our classes are the very best to prepare you for winning the fight of your life.



Free Classes

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As you may have heard I am traveling to Nepal soon to put my Nursing skills back into play.  I will be spending almost a month in the poorest region of Nepal and one of the harshest environments on earth.  I am trying to raise funds to cover the trip.  I am going to be holding a FREE class on July 23rd from 12 to 4 and I need your help in picking the topic of the class.  Keep in mind I not only need your feedback, but I also need you to attend.  This will be a FREE class but we do ask you to consider giving a donation for the cause.  Please email us at or give us a call with your topic suggestion.  Everyone wants FREE stuff and we are willing to give it.  Now its up to you to come get it!



You may be asking “Is it really worth pointing my weapon at my junk every time I holster it?” When I sat down in Anthony’s tactical concealed carry class for the first time I was thinking the same thing. For some, the appendix carry setup is a little scary at first, but when you take a minute to think about the dynamics it is not as bad as people think. The main concern is that fact that your gun is going to be pointing at your femoral artery, where one shot in the right place could have you dead in minutes. The thing is, when you holster correctly, the gun only covers your body when completely holstered (which keeps the trigger covered and in my opinion can be safer than the actual switch safety). Pair proper form with a firing pin safety and you are set to go with your manhood/womanhood intact. Appendix carry is also a lot easier of a position to defend from. If you find yourself in a life or death situation, you can defend yourself much easier with your pistol in the sweet spot between both your hands where it can be easily accessed. Want to know the proper way to draw/holster your firearm? Sign up for the tactical pistol class online at


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Happy 4th!

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We here at Colorado Shooting Sports want to wish you all a wonderful Independence Day!  If you are heading out to the range today, stay safe!  We have ammo if you are running low, and through today, our binary explosive Boom Boom cans are on sale!  The 4th is about freedom and America, and what’s more American than blowing stuff up? Be sure to come in to see us today!Logo_Flag